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Our Purpose

To Provide a Holistic Intervention of Sexual Abuse, Enhance the Professional Field of
Knowledge, and Develop and Sustain the Quality of the Statewide Continuum of Services and Care





NOJOS — An Organization Devoted to Establishing and Maintaining the Standard of Care For the Sex-Specific Assessment, Treatment and Supervision of Youth Who Engage in Sexual Misconduct.

The Utah Network on Juveniles Obtaining Safety (NOJOS) is a standard setting body for the State of Utah. Since 1987, NOJOS has been actively involved in developing the standard of care for the assessment, treatment and supervision of youth who have engaged in sexual misconduct or sexually abusive behavior. The first NOJOS protocols and standards manual was produced in 1994.

NOJOS is an organization dedicated to a mission of holistic intervention of sexual abuse, enhancing the professional field of knowledge, and developing and sustaining the quality of the statewide continuum of services and care. NOJOS is comprised of an elected board and general membership of professionals, paraprofessionals and interested parties, who have an interest and willingness to help eliminate sexual abuse and assist youth who engage in sexual misconduct to return to a more healthy, normative path of development.

As a standard setting and credentialing organization, NOJOS strives to be inclusive by providing ongoing, accessible training and support designed to enhance the assessment and treatment of youth. To achieve this, NOJOS meets monthly and regularly reviews and integrates peer reviewed research and current national standards, perspectives, and evidence-based practices, which it embodies in its published Assessment, Treatment and Placement Protocols and Standards Manuals. NOJOS also provides a statewide recognized credential for providers who adhere to the NOJOS and ATSA (national) protocols and standards outlined in such manuals. To ensure best practice, NOJOS’ goal is to connect individuals and families in need with credentialed providers.

As an ethical matter, all credentialed providers must meet the standard of care established by NOJOS. NOJOS is a standard and protocol setting body, not a governing body. As such, although we seek to establish and sustain evidence based healthy and ethical practices, we do not oversee the compliance of providers’ services. We do, however, maintain oversight of our credentialing process and compliance with the requirements for current credentialed status. We reserve the right to review the credential of NOJOS providers at any time to help ensure best practice according to the NOJOS standard of care. We see ourselves as responsible whenever possible, to ensure ethical and appropriate practice by offering specialized training, consultation and supervision. We also reserve the right once such training, consultation and supervision have been offered to revoke or suspend the credential of those individuals that no longer meet the credentialing requirements.